Breast Cancer Resource Center Savannah, GA USA


Local Girl Scouts were working on a service project to bring about breast cancer awareness; and they had me interview survivors while at the Susan G. Komen San Diego 3 Day. Listen to what our youth wanted to know; and hear what these survivors from throughout the country wanted every young America girl to learn! Their messages are powerful! Know your bodies; love your bodies and yourself completely. Be your own advocate!

Interview with Beth: A sweet young mother who found her cancer early by paying attention to her body.

Interview with Jo: “You’re never too young to know your bodies.”

Interview with Yana: “Stand up for yourself!” She encourages you to be your number one advocate.

Interview with Christy: “Know your own geography.” Christy encourages young girls to know their own bodies, to stay active, and to know that early detection is critical.

Interview with Kristin: Despite this hardship, Kristin says, “I love my life!” She encourages you to keep close to family and friends to help you during this difficult time.

Interview with Linda: “Life can change fast.”

Interview with Linda (Ohio): “I want women to fight for themselves…the only person that really knows us is us.”