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Survivor Series

Questions Girl Scouts Had for Survivors

Local Girl Scouts were working on a service project to bring about breast cancer awareness; and they had me interview survivors while at the Susan G. Komen San Diego 3 Day. Listen to what our youth wanted to know; and hear what these survivors from throughout the country wanted every young American girl to learn! Their messages are powerful! Know your bodies; love your bodies and yourself completely. Be your own advocate!

Interview with Beth: A sweet young mother who found her cancer early by paying attention to her body.

Interview with Jo: “You’re never too young to know your bodies.”

Interview with Yana: “Stand up for yourself!” She encourages you to be your number one advocate.

Interview with Christy: “Know your own geography.” Christy encourages young girls to know their own bodies, to stay active, and to know that early detection is critical.

Interview with Kristin: Despite this hardship, Kristin says, “I love my life!” She encourages you to keep close to family and friends to help you during this difficult time.

Interview with Linda: “Life can change fast.”

Interview with Linda (Iowa): “I want women to fight for themselves…the only person that really knows us is us.”

Podcast Interviews with Survivors

Hear directly from survivors! When you’re diagnosed with breast cancer, it can be helpful (educational and inspiring) to hear from women who’ve been there, who truly ‘get it.’ So, we’re bringing these conversations to you with our ‘Survivor Series.’ Let their stories and voices be heard; because although each journey is unique to the woman walking it, there is hope shining with each story told. You are not alone!

Jenny Woodward – We cover expectations, physical and emotional truths, how to prepare, talking with loved ones, intimacy, parenting, fear and faith, and more.

Beth Bergman and wife, Alexis – Grieve, laugh, cry, and rise again! We cover the authentic trials associated with cancer, but also how you can use your experiences to make a difference. How can one person change the world?

Brandy Hewett -Brandy is a wife, mother, friend, police officer, and survivor, who shares her experiences, support opportunities, and tips that helped her through it. You are not alone!

Ashley Yount – Mother of two young children opens up about her experience

Carrie Mott – A BRCA patient, had a prophylactic mastectomy; developed breast cancer AFTER her mastectomy. She’s a wife, and young mother of two.

Andrea Harris – Andrea shares with us how Komen helped her connect with resources in the area, how she found strength in her own trials, and what she recommends for those traveling this cancer journey after her. 

Candy Stone – Mother and grandmother, Candy, encourage us in our own fights, provides us with practical tips to weather treatments, and fosters hope for our futures.

Elaine Spencer – A 30 year survivor!!! That’s incredible! Elaine Spencer, director of Effingham Family Connection, joins us to share her experiences. Her authenticity, humor, and refreshing perspective helps to kindle hope for others diagnosed with breast cancer.

Newly Diagnosed

Questions to Ask Medical Providers

Preparing for Treatment

Top Reasons I Love my Mastectomy

For Survivors

Understanding the breast cancer storm; and you are not alone

Hear the top 5 questions to ask your providers, top 5 helpful things you/loved one can do to prepare and recover, top 5 things NOT to say to someone battling breast cancer (and what you can say instead), top 5 helpful metaphors/quotes to motivate and inspire, AND the top 5 “ah-ha moments” 

Hear about a few of the most helpful and inspiring books and songs for those battling breast cancer

Hear ways to prepare, what do you do in those initial moments after getting the news, how can you shift your attention to focus on the things that you CAN control, what can you expect along the way, and what should you be aware of as you move towards the end of treatment

Hear about what “the next right thing” means, how it might look for you, and why it is such a powerful thought in helping us move through adversity.

Friends & Family

Hear how breast cancer affects our spouse, parents, and children. What is their perspective and how can they channel their energy to feel less out of control themselves.

Hear how breast cancer is viewed from the friend and community’s perspective. Also, what they can do to help support those who are diagnosed.

Hear how understanding women’s health is viewed from a different culture. Kellie was born in Barbados, raised in Trinidad, and comes from a conservative family where breast cancer and women’s health were very private topics. Kellie also talks with us about how a friend who’s miles away can still show support.

Survivor Truths


Fear may be part of us, but it doesn’t define who we are either. Learn how personifying ‘fear’ can help us better understand what it is REALLY trying to tell us. How do we learn to accept it? How can it coexist with our faith? We work to understand that fear isn’t trying to hijack our lives; rather, it’s noble job is to keep us safe. How can we make little shifts in our perspective of the unpleasant (but invaluable) emotion in order to move forward with healing?

How to Find Gratitude (when it sucks)

You’re not at all grateful for cancer (who would be?), so where and how do you find thanks? Learn about radical acceptance, shifting our perspective, and finding courage. NONE of that means that you appreciate the cancer…but rather finding, loving, and owning your whole self


Feel how the three ingredients (faith, hope, and love) for magic can help you shift your perspective and take ownership of your mind, body, and soul.

Mosaics and New Beginnings

After cancer we may feel broken. Trust that you will assemble those shards into a beautifully crafted mosaic; and embrace your new mosaic and know that you have grace “as is.” 

Unknown Artist

Reconnecting and Reclaiming Your Authenticity

If you can relate to the physical and emotional traumas of breast cancer, then THIS is a MUST HEAR episode! Mackensey Alexander, a professional photographer and owner of Lilith and Lavender (, joins us to talk about how, as survivors of trauma, we can learn to love, accept, and reclaim our authentic selves. She talks of the healing power of grounding and owning your true beautiful self in her Embodiment Photography; and she also explains how energy healing can be a means for radical acceptance. In this episode, we also discuss the added layer of vulnerability accompanying a breast cancer diagnosis: intimacy following treatment.

A Shift in Perspective

When a trauma happens, we can often fixate on that monster. I can’t believe this happened? Why did this happen? I wish it didn’t happen. It can be helpful in these moments to change our perspective. This doesn’t mean that we deny our experiences. On the contrary, we own them. And, it doesn’t mean that we appreciate that terrible thing that happened either. Rather, when we gain perspective, we’re afforded the opportunity to better grow and heal because we see our experiences in a new found light. In this episode, we’ll talk about what this “shift in perspective” is (and what it’s not). We’ll give some everyday examples and then apply this same strategy to larger, life-altering monsters like cancer.

Vulnerability & Truths

Survivor-hood Truths

Two cancer sisters disclose those raw honest truths after breast cancer that give us permission to be human…to truly be honest…to acknowledge and refocus with our new reality. Your own humanity is not weakness. You are brave even if you don’t always feel it.


Hear more on self-care. What is it and why is it so important? Learn about different physical, spiritual, emotional, and social forms of self-care that might work for you.