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Top Reasons I Love my Mastectomy

The idea of having a mastectomy can be quite terrifying.  Fear and anxiety twisted into a chokehold around the unknown can cause panic.  I know this because that’s EXACTLY where I was!  I had cancer, and I knew that my life depended on me having the courage to let go and to say goodbye to my breasts. 

However, knowing that it was in my best interest did not make it any easier!  I was still scared and had been crying for days when my husband shared with me this awesome YouTube video!  “My Breast Choice” had created this video about the top 5 weird reasons that she loved her mastectomy.  I humored my husband and despite my sour mood, decided to watch it.  I am so glad that I did too because under my red, puffy cheeks, a smile began to slip across my face.  I laughed so hard that my cheeks hurt! I could do this! I could make it through surgery!

This woman was brilliant!  Her video struck a chord that shifted everything for me.  Spoiler… her top reason for loving her mastectomy applied for anyone who had implants. (That was going to be me, so I was intrigued). 

Y’all, I kid you not… THEY GLOW IN THE DARK!!!!  Yep!  True statement!  My boobs can glow! 

“My Breast Choice” enlightened me of this on her video, and I was so curious that I wanted to run the experiment for myself.  I had motivation (something completely offbeat and crazy) that encouraged me to make it through to the other side.  I had to know for myself!  Was it true?  I needed to perform my very own Mythbusters.  If it turned out to be false, then who gave a damn?  By the time I could run the test, I’d be done with this nightmare, and it wouldn’t matter one bit.  However, if it were true?  If I’d have glow-in-the-dark boobs after a trauma like this, how freaking awesome would that be! 

Here’s my own top 5 reasons to love my mastectomy:

  1. Seriously, I’m not gonna lie…. It’s hard to top the fact that they glow in the dark!
  2. My cancer is gone; and I know, at the end of the day, that I’ve done everything in my power to enhance my longevity.
  3. If nipples are removed too, and you get cold…meh!  Who cares?  With BARBIE DOLL BOOBS… you aren’t gonna see anything, so it doesn’t matter anyway.
  4. Bras are a thing of the past!  Now I can wear whatever backless shirt I feel like wearing, and I don’t have to worry about support.
  5. They’re symmetrical and won’t be sagging when I grow old (and growing old is of course the goal)

Here’s “My Breast Choice’s” YouTube video that changed everything for me

My Breast Choice YouTube video and her top 5 weird reasons to love her mastectomy. Be ready to laugh and learn love your body.