Breast Cancer Resource Center Savannah, GA USA


1) Building Blocks Family Counseling

Building Blocks Family Counseling is a business in the greater Savannah area that offers both individual and group therapy for breast cancer patients. The emotional wounds that rise with a cancer diagnosis are incredibly common. Fear, sadness, anxiety, and grief are experienced by many both during and after a trauma such as this. Building Blocks is here to help with their 4-class MAKING LEMONADE course. Unlike a support group, this class is run by licensed professionals and is about learning the coping strategies needed when those emotions inevitably rise. You can contact them at 912-349-8043.

2) Livestrong at YMCA

  • A program designed to help with your physical health after a cancer diagnosis
  • Livestrong at the YMCA is a 12 week program designed to provide a progressive fitness program for anyone who has battled cancer.
  • The cancer diagnosis must be in the patient’s medical history; it includes any type of cancer at any time in the participant’s life.   
  • This is not a physically demanding class that’ll push you to your limits.  Instead, it’s an opportunity to learn equipment, attend informative talks centered around health and wellness, and a chance to attend a variety of fitness classes prepared especially for Livestrong at the YMCA. 
  • To put it simply, there’s no intimidation, only progressive strength and progressive cardiovascular fitness; and it’s specialized to each participant.
  • They start with medical clearance, and then schedule an Intake.  Participants can share their stories, which give the Livestrong team the ability to offer modifications as needed.  The program will be highly individualized and tailored for each participant (no matter their entry point). 

Who is eligible and cost?
Everyone is welcome (members and nonmembers) – the YMCA sponsors the $500.00 participant fee; so it is FREE for participants

Where?/Who to Contact for Information?

Effingham YMCA   Regina Clontz             912-826-2199  
West Chatham YMCA Sarah Puente             912-748-9622      
Islands Family YMCA   Jacquelyn Overholt             912-897-1192  
Tybee Island YMCA   Allison Bernzott             912-786-9622  
Habersham YMCA   912-354-6223  
Liberty County   Doni Brezenski             912-368-9622  


  • The program meets twice per week for 12 weeks
  • Contact your local YMCA branch for when the next session begins. 
  • The Effingham YMCA will have their next session beginning in April 2019.  They will max out at 8…. Following the April session, there will be a fall session.

3) Susan G. Komen

Susan Komen has a variety of services and grants available for assistance. They have community grants that fund education, screenings, and diagnostic and treatments. They have programs available to help women who can’t afford mammograms to get them; and they have a national treatment assistance program for qualifying breast cancer patients. Visit Komen Coastal Georgia for more information on the financial assistance programs for the uninsured or underinsured, or call them directly at 912-232-2535.

Have you been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer and live in Coastal Georgia?

Susan G. Komen Coastal Georgia wants to help meet the needs of those living with metastatic breast cancer. In order to have the greatest impact, they want to hear directly from those who know best…those who are living with metastatic breast cancer. Check out Komen’s card below or visit their site directly (Susan Komen Coastal Georgia) so that your voice can be heard and that they can work towards meeting your needs.

4) A quick guide to resources available in the Savannah, GA area

For more information visit Memorial Health’s support pages: see their calendar of events and support groups available.

For patients at Memorial Health in Savannah, GA: here are the Integrative Therapy Services that they offer

5) Prosthetics, Tattoos, Wigs and More

People will say that you have to learn to love and accept the ‘new you.’  While I recognize that there is truth at the heart of that statement, after my surgeries, I wanted to know what exactly that meant.  I mean…seriously… how do you go from being one way your entire life to waking up the next day and being forever changed?  What’s the secret to accepting the new you?   

Well, in regards to this acceptance, I’ve learned two things. 

  1. There is no ONE answer.  There are lots of options and paths that you can take, and they’re all 100% okay.  So, shop around and pick a route that suites you best.  Some women chose to have reconstruction; some don’t.  Both are okay!  Some have nipple sparing; some have nipples reconstructed; some go with nothing but their scars; some do tattoos; and still some find nipple prosthesis.  All are okay!
  2. No matter your choice, you are beautiful!  Remember what true beauty is; and recite to yourself daily:
  • This is my body
  • My mind
  • My soul
  • I own all of it.
  • This is me… and I’m pretty damn awesome!

With those new mantras floating in your head, consider the following resources with your own desires and needs:

Nipple Prosthesis:

For those who don’t want another surgery, but who long for realistic looking nipples, check out these nipple prosthesis. (  They come in different sizes and colors and are custom made.

3D Nipple/Areola Tattooing: Restoration Ink

Renee is a cosmetic medical tattoo artist who specializes in 3D nipple and areola tattooing.  If interested, contact her at 954-600-6325 ( or visit her website (

The Woman’s Health Boutique:
Where you can find Breast Prosthesis/ Bras/Swimwear/Wig Fittings/Headwear

5702 Skidaway Rd
Savannah, GA 31406

Mary Rahal, RN: 912-692-0100

Opened in 1995, The Women’s Health Boutique fits breast prosthesis and bras for mastectomies.  They help women who choose not to have reconstruction, women who have reconstruction fail, as well as those who want more discretion while they’re in the middle of reconstruction.  They help women who’ve had lumpectomies and want to feel and appear more symmetrical too.  This boutique has swimwear for mastectomy and lumpectomy patients; and they also have headwear and wigs for those undergoing chemo.  They do wig fittings and have both human and synthetic hair.

They do contracts with insurance companies; contact them directly to learn more

Hanger Clinic: Where you can find Prosthesis/Bras/Surgical Camisoles/Lymphodema Gloves 

906 East 68th St
Savannah, GA 31405

Jordan Hamilton, CFN: 912-355-4901 :
Board Certified Fitter of Mastectomy

For those who either choose not to have reconstruction or are unable to have it, Hanger Clinic helps mastectomy patients find the best prosthesis and bra for them.  They also have post-surgical mastectomy bras (a must have after surgery to prevent chaffing while wounds heal) and surgical camisoles (that provide pockets to hold the drains).  They also have camisole sleeves and gloves to help control symptoms for Lymphodema patients.

They do contracts with insurance companies; contact them directly to learn more

Transformation Station:
Where you can find Breast Prosthesis/ Bras/ Wigs, Hats, Scarfs/ Survivor Gifts of Encouragement

Located at Nancy N. and J.C. Lewis Cancer & Research Pavilion
225 Candler Dr #102
Savannah, GA 31405

Vernell at Transformation Station is a Certified Mastectomy Fitter.  Here they fit post mastectomy women for prosthesis; and they also assist women after lumpectomies who want to appear more symmetrical.  They have pocketed bras that hold the prosthesis, hats, scarfs, wigs, post-op camisoles with pockets for the drains, as well as survivor gifts of encouragement.

They do contracts with insurance companies; contact them directly to learn more.

6) Coastal Hypnosis Center

Deborah Riner
912-261-8906 (o)
912-996-3944 (c)

Coastal Hypnosis Center offers Clinical Hypnotherapy; Reiki (which is energy work with therapeutic touch); Acupuncture; and Massage Therapy.  Her office is out of Brunswick, but she does regular hypnotherapy sessions at Memorial Hospital in Savannah. You can visit her website at Coastal Hypnosis Center; or follow her on her FB Page.

What to expect with Hypnotherapy?

It’s about ‘Deep Relaxation’ – allowing you to find a calmer, more peaceful state so that you are better able to handle the stressors in your life.  Deborah has been working specifically with cancer patients at Memorial for the past 5 years (as well as their loved ones).  High-anxiety patients are often referred here, especially prior to a procedure; however, Deborah recommends that you reach out immediately after diagnosis because that’s when everything starts to set in.  Sessions are 45 minutes long; and she says that 30 minutes of hypnosis is equivalent to 1 hour of REM sleep.  At the end, she provides clients with some suggestions of things to remember to help them return to a calmer state when their anxieties and fears begin to rise.

7) Reflexology

Jan Mariette
819 E. 66th Savannah, GA

Reflexology: is a type of acupressure where thumbs and fingers are used to work reflex points in your body (face/feet/hands/ears).  It can help decrease anxiety and stress; and it can further benefit cancer patients by decreasing the nausea that they often experience from chemo.  Reflexology can also enhance sleep, improve circulation, and reduce the symptoms of neuropathy and lymphedema.  Jan sees clients at ACI (Anderson Cancer Institute in Savannah) and also at her office.  If you’re a patient at ACI, contact Memorial’s social worker for specific details on eligibility for sessions.  Or, you can contact Jan Mariette directly and learn more at her website: Reflexology Inc.

8) Help with Menopause

Often times, some of the treatments that we get for breast cancer can send us into a medically induced menopause. Dr. Pam Gaudry (a gynecologist and certified menopause practitioner) has written a book, Love Sweat & Tears: The Menopause Romance Revolution, where she explains what women need to know about menopause. She tackles questions like, what can you do to improve symptoms and increase intimacy? Dr. Pam has also created a documentary based off of her book, where she stars alongside Joan Rivers, Jenny McCarthy, and more. Check out Menopausal Medicine for more information. Dr. Pam can also be heard on the Keepers of the Flame podcast episode #29 – available on iTunes and GooglePlay


Yoga helps improve flexibility, balance, and relaxation. It’s a great way to practice mindfulness and to enhance your mind-body connection, which is often a HUGE piece towards learning to accept your new normal (both physically and mentally). Check out the programs below for one that suits your personal needs the best.

10) Cleaning For a Reason

Cleaning for a Reason will do FREE house cleanings for women fighting cancer. Battling cancer is exhausting; and not only do women lack the energy to clean during treatment, but they also NEED to limit their exposure to germs. A clean house can be critical, yet seemingly difficult for women to do themselves. That’s where Cleaning for a Reason comes into play. They will do it for these women for FREE. Visit Cleaning for a Reason to find out more about their program and to find a participating company near you by simply entering in your city or zip code.


MEDBANK will advocate and work through the ‘red tape’ for getting the uninsured and underinsured the proper medications that you need.  

MEDBANK services Chatham, Bryan, Liberty, Effingham, and Toombs County.  For more information and to find out if you qualify, call 912-356-2898 or visit

12) American Cancer Society Reach to Recovery Program

MATCH ‘FIGHTERS’ WITH ‘SURVIVORS’: Those undergoing a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment plan are MATCHED with survivors who underwent a similar ordeal.

  1. call their toll free number at 1-800-227-2345
  2. answer a few questions so that they can match you with the best possible survivor match – the one most similar to your situation (ie: age, stage, treatment plans, etc)
  3. a survivor volunteer (your match) will contact you – usually by phone.

13) CaringBridge

Where you can create a free, private website to share your latest health updates with family and friends

Visit CaringBridge to find out how to get started with your own support page.

  • FREE
  • private
  • share health updates and don’t have to retell the same story a thousand times
  • can get encouragement and support
  • ask family and friends for help (food, transportation, etc)

14) Young Survival Coalition

For support of young women diagnosed with breast cancer, visit the Young Survival Coalition

15) Right Action for Women (RAW) MRI Financial Assistance Program

Christina Applegate, award-winning actress and BRCA breast cancer survivor, founded Right Action for Woman (RAW). The organization offers MRI financial assistance for those who are at an increased risk for acquiring breast cancer in their lifetime and have a referral from their medical provider for the MRI screening. To find out if you qualify, visit Right Action for Women MRI Assistance.

16) FOX (Physical and Occupational Therapy House Calls for the Geriatric Population)

Fox will make house calls to the geriatric population, aiding with physical and occupational therapies as well as exercise physiology. They treat hips, knees, back, falls, osteoporosis, and more. They will help rehabilitate our elderly by helping them recover muscle function, regain balance and mobility, increase functional independence, and work towards maxing their strength, endurance, and flexibility. Visit Fox’s websiteto learn more and to find out where they’re available near you. For those in the SAVANNAH, GA area, contact Casey Jones (Account Manager) at

Where they Treat