Breast Cancer Resource Center Savannah, GA USA

Program: Therapy

Therapy Financial Assistance with Keepers of the Flame Foundation, Inc.

If you are a breast cancer patient or survivor and are struggling with: diagnosis anxiety, survivorship issues, survivor’s guilt, family concerns, situational anxiety or depression, you may qualify for low or no cost counseling.

Breast cancer patients and survivors in need of counseling may be able to get assistance with co-pays and cost of therapy through a partnership between Keepers of the Flame Foundation and Brother’s Brother Foundation.

1) Download, print, complete the application and waiver form below:

2) Ask your healthcare provider for a referral for counseling, or go to your established counselor

3) Give both documents to your counselor. Your counselor can email the forms to us at

4) You may qualify for low or no cost counseling for your first 5 sessions; and you may be able to apply for more!

Note to Healthcare Providers

If you’re referring a breast cancer patient to counseling, please share with them our Therapy Financial Assistance Program.

Note to Counselors/Therapists/Psychiatrists

If you have a new or established client who has been diagnosed with breast cancer, let them know about our Therapy Financial Assistance Program. Complete the last section of the application page with them so that we know you’re able to accommodate them. Keepers of the Flame Admin will then review the applications and notify you when approved.