Breast Cancer Resource Center Savannah, GA USA
Breast Cancer Resource Center #togetherweweatherthisstorm support, courage, connection
Breast Cancer Resource Center
support, courage, connection

local resources and survivors' tips to find support, courage, and connection
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understanding early detection, cancer, genetics, and wellness.
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getting involved and making a difference for now and the future
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authentic and empowering episodes to help women weather their own storms
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Latest News

Podcast #38: Cancer Support: A New Program in Effingham Started by Marian Marshall

Cancer is rough! Often times the very treatments designed to save our lives can leave us tired, weak,…

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Podcast #37: A Shift in Perspective: How to Reframe the Big Scary Monster

When something big and scary happens, we can often fixate on that monster. I can't believe this happened?…

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Podcast #36: Reconnecting and Reclaiming Your Authenticity after Breast Cancer with Mackensey Alexander

If you can relate to the physical and emotional traumas of breast cancer, then THIS is a MUST…

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