Breast Cancer Resource Center Savannah, GA USA


Joyce Williams

Once I harbored silver linings

Graffitied them in dungeon’s findings

Anywhere there were such tidings

Rainbows shot to shield from night.

Onward with my smiley notion

Oblivious to wicked’s potion

Brewing up in secret motion

Optimism reined the sights.

‘Tis the way I marched through darkness

Blissfully blinded to the starkness

Always sunshine left me mark-less

Through the gentle tugs of life.

Once a season came upon me

Pirating life to topsy-turvey

Ripping rugs from underneath me

Colors bled and opened strife.

In a world with color fading

Perception was a crooked shading

Slammed me to the floor – no aiding

All Hallow’s Eve: pink décor.

Drowning in a sea of hardships

Tsunami’s over flooded tight grip

Pleading breathes would find the right trip

To my lungs, I did implore.

Owning scars and skin that crackled

Raggedly trapped in cancer’s shackles

Onward marching into tackle

Facing losses large as life.

Trembling through exotic turmoil

Emotional wounds began to boil

Begging cancer’s plot to foil

Help me blot this with a knife.

Fumbling for my rainbowed goggles

Still knowing that my shadows squabbled

Masking murals that I’d cobbled

‘till the truth unveiled alas.

Then I noticed honest dances

Uncovered eyes soon bore the chances

Ballet between two old stances

Where yin and yang breached across.

Light and darkened all together

Purposely called to then untether

Silver lining’s fibbed Mayweather

Since truth, ‘they don’t define us.’

Banged and bleeding with my grumbles

Wiping the sweat and tears from stumbles

Found my feet despite that crumble

Rise again from broken dust.

Shards of glass had seen me splattered

Resilient rising pieced the shattered

Sculpted out of endless clatter

Born mosaic, now reformed.

Strengthened from my untied blindings

Transformed out of chrysalis bindings

Courage pieced by life unwinding

So break the rigid rules confining

Know that grace is yours defining

And hear the secret truth confiding

You are not alone residing

And stronger still with pink combining