Breast Cancer Resource Center Savannah, GA USA

Podcast #36: Reconnecting and Reclaiming Your Authenticity after Breast Cancer with Mackensey Alexander

If you can relate to the physical and emotional traumas of breast cancer, then THIS is a MUST HEAR episode! Mackensey Alexander, a professional photographer and owner of Lilith and Lavender (, joins us to talk about how, as survivors of trauma, we can learn to love, accept, and reclaim our authentic selves. She talks of the healing power of grounding and owning your true beautiful self in her Embodiment Photography; and she also explains how energy healing can be a means for radical acceptance. In this episode, we also discuss the added layer of vulnerability accompanying a breast cancer diagnosis: intimacy following treatment. After cancer, we are often left with physical and emotional scars that make the vulnerability that accompanies intimacy challenging. Mackensey explains how tantra and intimacy coaching can help you move past that. #togetherweweatherthisstorm