Breast Cancer Resource Center Savannah, GA USA

Podcast #21: Raw Honesty and the Power of One (with Beth and Alexis Bergman)

Grieve, laugh, cry, and rise again! How can one person change the world? How can YOU recognize the power of your own actions? Recognize that rising strong and pushing forward for change does not mean that you’ll never experience pain and heartache. When you feel those things (because you’re human and cancer is a REALLY ROUGH ride), it doesn’t mean that you are weak or that you are incapable of making this difference too. In today’s episode, survivor Beth Bergman joins us with her wife, Alexis, to illustrate this very sentiment…to talk about rising up again from our falls. Beth’s authentic explanation of her own battle with cancer helps other survivors recognize that they’re not alone in theirs either. This, coupled with her determination to raise funds for a cure, models how sculpting goodness from our shadows can actually be done. Knowing that Beth’s life was saved by some of the research that Komen had previously done, Beth and Alexis are doing everything they can to help the next generation. They share their Komen 3-day experiences and how walking (and walking-stalking) 60 miles each time not only changes them, but also the world. #togetherweweatherthisstorm