Breast Cancer Resource Center Savannah, GA USA

Podcast #27: It’s a Sisterhood with Carrie Mott

Did you know that you can get breast cancer after your breasts have been removed?  In today’s episode, we hear from fellow cancer sister: Carrie Mott.  Carrie was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer 3 ½ years AFTER her prophylactic mastectomy.  Hear why she did the prophylactic surgery and how you can still get breast cancer after the tissue has been removed.  However, more importantly, hear why she has no regrets and remains grateful and optimistic.  Carrie has the BRCA1 mutation and decided to remove the tissue prior to cancer.  She was one of my lighthouses; and I leaned on her heavily during my cancer diagnosis. (Carrie got me through my mastectomy).   However, she was soon diagnosed herself, and the sisterhood of support came full circle when it became my turn to guide her through what to expect with chemo and radiation.  We talk about preparing for surgery, explaining things to our young children, science, genetics, hope, and some good ‘ole metaphors for emotional healing.  #togetherweweatherthisstorm