Breast Cancer Resource Center Savannah, GA USA

Podcast #12: Fear

As human beings, we are hardwired to experience emotions…ALL emotions; and fear is most definitely among them. However, after a cancer diagnosis, fear may be felt with an increased intensity. In this episode, we explain why that is and discuss a basic understanding of fear itself. Fear may be part of us, but it doesn’t define who we are either. In this episode, we also talk about how personifying ‘fear’ can help us better understand what it is REALLY trying to tell us. How do we learn to accept it? How can it coexist with our faith? We work to understand that fear isn’t trying to hijack our lives; rather, it’s noble job is to keep us safe. What is fear saying in your own life, and how can we make little shifts in our perspective of the unpleasant (but invaluable) emotion in order to move forward with healing?