Breast Cancer Resource Center Savannah, GA USA

What we’re up to right now:

Educational Purposes

  • Conducting a formal study on breast cancer patient preferences on physician driven referrals to therapy (a collaborative effort w/ Dr. Elisabeth Counselman Carpenter at Adelphi University); analyzing and reporting on findings.
  • Reviewing and updating website with educational and resource opportunities (including podcast and other digital support programs).
  • Participating in local speaking engagements on breast cancer awareness and mental health support

Charitable Purposes

  • Filming free online yoga tutorials for breast cancer patients in collaboration with Effin’ Yoga in Rincon, GA
  • Planning for additional free digital curriculums to make available for breast cancer patients.
  • Providing limited peer-counseling and discussing opportunities for expansion

Program Planning

  • Building a community on social media: Instagram and Facebook. Follow us!
  • Planning for future programs: educational support within the community and physical and emotional support opportunities for patients and survivors.
  • Discussing additional ways to bridge the gap between the physical and emotional elements for healing