Breast Cancer Resource Center Savannah, GA USA

Sarah Edwards


Cancer is difficult to discuss-it’s not pretty, doesn’t fit into a nicely wrapped box with a bow, and goes great with silence. I’m learning some of the worst things to say is nothing at all. I am excited to join a mission that has a bigger purpose and one that ultimately saves lives. I’m looking forward to spreading awareness of early detection and being proactive in your health. Intrigued by developments in science and determined to live to 95, my sister-in-law (Joyce) accepted the recommendation to be tested for genes that identify the potential for developing cancer. The results from that test shattered her world as the nasty BRCA gene was discovered lurking, waiting for the opportune time to rear its ugly head and strike. Joyce was completely blindsided, but she was doing everything she could to squash the terrible cancer: surgery which robbed her of her breasts, chemotherapy that had stolen her beautiful wavy hair, and radiation that left her skin red and raw. Cancer, and the treatments necessary for its extermination, were tearing her body apart. Joyce felt demoralized, but cancer could NOT take away her determination and heart. Joyce has recently celebrated being cancer FREE thanks to her early detection and proactive approach. I work to shine this light so that other women can hear the words that kept Joyce’s faith alive: “treatable and curable.” Words that became her light when she was surrounded by darkness. Just like a lighthouse calling weary sea vessels to shore in dark and stormy waters, the lighthouse has become a symbol of faith and unity. Together we will shine the light! We are the Keepers of the Flame! I’ll be lacing up my tennis shoes, going on training walks, and most importantly, asking for donations. These donations help fund the research and treatment that will make a difference in the battle to end breast cancer. You can be a part of that mission! No donation is too small! Join the fight to shine the light! Take a selfie with our lighthouse postcard. Post the photo on your Facebook page to support my team, Keepers of the Flame and spread awareness! Then send the  postcards to family and friends to shine the light even further!

Today, I give a start to a journey that will no doubt leave a long lasting impression on my heart. #togetherweweatherthisstorm